Fancy up your next Zoom call with a delightful Dayton background

Credit: Downtown Dayton Partnership

Credit: Downtown Dayton Partnership

Since the coronavirus hit, we have collectively shifted to gathering online, using video conference apps like Zoom and Skype.

While it’s fun to connect virtually, what most people see in the background are typically lackluster shots of home offices and living rooms. Now, you can spice up the background on your video call and show your Dayton pride while you’re at it.

Whether it's a stroll at RiverScape, a look inside the Dayton Arcade, views from the Dayton Art Institute, or some of your favorite downtown Dayton bar, shops and restaurants, you can transport yourself with the Downtown Dayton Partnership's photo collection. You can download photos and make them the background for your next video conference meeting.

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Credit: Downtown Dayton Partnership

Credit: Downtown Dayton Partnership

"We really wanted to bring some excitement to the at-home experience, and also remind people about the people, places, and activities that happen in downtown Dayton, and even though we can't be there right now, hopefully people will be excited to return to them once it is safe to do so," Allison Swanson, the public relations and marketing manager at the Downtown Dayton Partnership said.

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You may notice some playful backgrounds in the mix, from a giant cat in the middle of the Great Miami River, to a T-Rex next to Courthouse Square.

“I was hoping to make a few scenes that would encourage a smile from others,” Tracey Obenour, the graphic designer for the Downtown Dayton Partnership said. “I've had Jurassic Park on the brain since Sam Neill mentioned his character from that movie is now retired in Dayton.”

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Pro Tip: To change your background on Zoom, click Account Settings, then navigate to the Virtual Background option on the Meeting tab and verify that the setting is enabled.  For more details, click here. For more information on how to change your background on Skype, click  here.

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