WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS PODCAST: Dayton’s mysterious walled falls, a phantom driver and how Dayton became the ‘Gem City’

Local historian Nancy Horlacher shares some of Dayton’s oddest and scariest tales.

Credit: The Miami Conservancy District

Credit: The Miami Conservancy District

What’s more Google than Google? A librarian who loves local history.

Amelia Robinson and Nancy Horlacher of the Dayton Metro Library talk about odd and scary Dayton stories for the latest episode of the What Had Happened Was podcast.
Nancy shares tales about the supposedly haunted Frankenstein Castle, alligators raised in a Dayton wonderland, how water brought down Dayton's wall city within our city and the creep-tastic Phantom Driver of Englewood dam.

>> 7 of Dayton’s most haunted spots

She even dives into one of the city's biggest  controversies: how Dayton became known as the Gem City. 


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"What Had Happened Was" is a podcast for Dayton, powered by Dayton.com. You won't believe the stories that come from right here. Host Amelia Robinson shares the best tales from the Gem City, Land of Funk and Birthplace of Aviation: Dayton, Ohio.

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