Cloudy today, warmer weather and rain later in the week

Today will be cloudy with cool temperatures and some light wind, the National Weather Service in Wilmington said. As the week begins, the area may see some warmer temperatures, as high as 51 degrees.

Today, the skies are expected to be mostly cloudy. Temperatures will range from 35 degrees to 21 degrees. The day may be breezy, with winds reaching up to 11 mph at times.

Tomorrow, temperatures will remain low, ranging from 28 degrees to highs around 35 degrees. The skies are expected to be cloudy and we may see some more wind.

On Wednesday, there is a chance of rain in the afternoon and evening, mainly after 2 p.m. Temperatures may rise as high as 51 degrees. Lows will reach about 36 degrees. In the evening, the chance of rain is about 90 percent, the National Weather Service said.

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