Mild and sunny today; warmer temperatures ahead tomorrow

After a windy, breezy day Sunday, the Miami Valley will see some sun and more mild weather with warm temperatures, the National Weather Service in Wilmington reported.

The skies today will be sunny and clear with temperatures between the upper 50s and low 40s. The day may be breezy, though wind speeds are only expected to reach as high as 9 mph, the NWS said. Overnight, temperatures will drop to around 40 degrees.

Tomorrow, the area may see warmer temperatures, reaching nearly 70 degrees. We may see some rain after midnight tomorrow and the skies may be cloudy in the evening. The day may be windy, with winds reaching speeds up to 18 mph, the NWS said. Overnight, temperatures may drop into the 40s.

On Wednesday, we may see some rain in the evening, particularly after 4 p.m. Temperatures will be cool on Wednesday, even falling below freezing overnight. Highs on Wednesday will reach about 50 degrees. Overnight, we could see temperatures as low as 25 degrees, the NWS said.