Coffee Hub expands to Centerville: ‘What better partnership than hair and coffee’

Credit: Coffee Hub Submitted Photo

Credit: Coffee Hub Submitted Photo

A coffee shop with multiple locations in the Dayton region is expanding to Centerville.

The Coffee Hub, first established in Xenia in 2017, is partnering with Bangs Salon & Spa to not only bring a cup of joe to salon customers, but expand their reach to the Centerville community.

Coffee Hub owner Cynthia Stemple said she began talking with Bangs Salon & Spa Co-owner Mashawn Rigmaiden about the possibility of adding coffee to her salon well before the pandemic. Once pandemic restrictions passed, the salon expanded and bought an additional space next door.

Rigmaiden explained that she and co-owner Jessica Hallock wanted to add a luxury service available to their clients.

“When we even dreamed of having a partnership with a coffee business, there was no one else we wanted to do business with besides the Coffee Hub,” Rigmaiden said.

Credit: Coffee Hub Submitted Photo

Credit: Coffee Hub Submitted Photo

Stemple explained the Coffee Hub and a sister store to the salon’s boutique will be located on the first floor of the building next to the salon.

The coffee shop will serve specialty espresso drinks, coldbrew, drip coffee, homemade chai, hot and iced tea, frappes, donuts, salads, sandwiches, gluten-free and vegan baked goods and much more.

“I think it’s a win, win for us both,” Stemple said. “That’s the thing I love about what I get to do is each of us makes each other better.”

“We think it will be a really nice addition to the new uptown Centerville vibe that they have going on with the new entertainment district, but also a wonderful partnership because the Coffee Hub is amazing,” Rigmaiden said. “They’re such a great business and we’re really excited to partner with them.”

The coffee shop will have a place for customers to sit as well as a small room that can be used for private meetings. Stemple said she is planning to have some type of delivery service including a curbside pickup option.

Credit: Coffee Hub Submitted Photo

Credit: Coffee Hub Submitted Photo

The Coffee Hub is in the middle of finding contractors, Stemple explained. She hopes to have the coffee shop open this summer.

“I just want to walk through the doors that God gives me and love people through coffee,” she said.

The Coffee Hub is more than just a regular coffee shop, it’s a second chance employer that helps people in addiction recovery.

Stemple said 30 percent of the Coffee Hub’s workforce is in recovery. She explained that by expanding her coffee shop, she is giving more people opportunities.

“That’s my heartbeat,” Stemple said.

The Centerville coffee shop will be located at 450 N. Main St. The Coffee Hub has additional locations in Beavercreek, Waynesville and the Dayton Metro Library.

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