Dayton rapper Joe Eid delivers strong work on sophomore album



After a pair of EPs and one album, Dayton rapper Joe Eid is back with his strongest work yet. “Eternal Barricade,” his sophomore full-length, gets its official release through Moves Global at Cedarland in Dayton on Friday, Nov. 3.

“I was writing and rapping in high school in Beavercreek, but it was very experimental,” Eid said. “One of my good friends made beats and we’d go to his house. I’d rap and he’d mix and master everything. Eventually, he ended up moving to Australia at the beginning of college. So, it was like, ‘All right, time to shift my focus and get my school on.’”

After graduating from Wright State University, Eid landed a full-time job as an industrial systems engineer in the automotive industry and immediately returned to writing, recording and performing.

“I had music online going back to 2010 and 2011 but I deleted all of that when I started releasing music seriously in 2019,” Eid said. “I released a few other projects, and last October I decided it was time to get something new going. It had been a year since my last album, and I had enough content to where I’d be comfortable doing it. In the past, I’ve invested in myself by paying for studio time.

“One thing that really helped me this year is that I invested in If We Die We Die Studios in Cincinnati,” Eid continued. “I put up an investment and my business partner promised me all of it back plus interest (along with) free studio hours, which exponentially helped my creativity. I was recording consistently in Cincinnati.”

Watch the video for “Energy” from Joe Eid:

Eid amassed an abundance of material, which he trimmed down and sequenced into a powerfully succinct collection of songs.

“It’s crazy because when you’re making an album, you’re literally making 30, 40, 50 songs and you’re choosing 13,” he said. “It’s a lot of ideas and a lot of content but everything doesn’t fit so you don’t use it. I’m very particular about what I like and don’t like so it was interesting to piece together the album and make it work.

“I can’t wait to finally get it out,” Eid added. “Everybody’s going to go, ‘Where did that come from?’ You can really hear the progression from the previous releases.”

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Who: Joe Eid with host Graval Baehr and DJ EZ

Where: Cedarland, 4515 Linden Ave., Dayton

When: 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3

Cost: $15 to $35

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