Edible cookie dough shop teams up with Frost Factory to open Austin Landing location

Two local businesses are teaming up to bring a unique combination to Austin Landing in Miami Twp.

Spoonful, an edible cookie dough shop, is partnering with The Frost Factory, a boozy and non-alcoholic slushy shop, to offer both treats in one space.

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

“We’re super excited to be back in the Miamisburg area,” said Lyndsey Rhodus, owner of Spoonful. “I think it’s going to be a fun location.”

Rhodus started her edible cookie dough business about four years ago with a shop in Miamisburg on South Main Street. She said they decided to close the Miamisburg shop in March after they switched their focus to wholesale and online orders as they waited for the new shop. Rhodus has about 20 retailers selling her cookie dough across the country.

Jamie Gregory, co-owner of The Frost Factory, previously told this news outlet she chose Austin Landing as their next location because of its outdoor drinking area.

“We were wanting one in the Dayton area, we just didn’t know where,” she previously said. “With us loving Austin Landing and them having a D.O.R.A. (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) now, it just made sense to put one at that location.”

The Frost Factory opened its first location at Butler County’s Liberty Center in July 2020 and has plans to continue to grow.

Rhodus explained she became friends with Gregory after she purchased cookie dough from her shop, which eventually sparked this new idea.

“A couple more locations may be down the road,” Rhodus said.

Customers will be able to order Spoonful’s edible cookie dough in either one, two or three scoops and add toppings like chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers, chocolate syrup and roasted marshmallows, Rhodus explained.

She said popular flavors include Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, Cookies & Cream and S’mores Dough. Customers will also be able to purchase “dough to go” containers.

Meanwhile, The Frost Factory will serve frozen slushies, with or without alcohol. Slushy flavors change with the seasons, but a popular flavor is the Mermaid Mule, a blue drink with a mix of coconut, ginger and vodka.

Customers will also be able to order the slushies in flights or 40-ounce fishbowls.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

“Who wouldn’t want cookie dough and a slushy together?” Rhodus said.

The Frost Factory and Spoonful will be located at 3633 Rigby Road, across from elé Cake Co. Bistro & Wine Bar. The shop is expected to open in mid-to-late September, Rhodus said.

For more information about Spoonful, visit www.spoonfulcookiedough.com or its Facebook page.

For more information about The Frost Factory, visit the shop’s Facebook page.

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