Kettering restaurant to close after 31 years, hopes to find new location in area

A well-known Kettering restaurant is closing its doors after 31 years of serving the local community.

Christopher‘s Restaurant, located at 2318 E. Dorothy Lane in Kettering, will close on June 15 after being “unable to reach mutually agreeable terms” to renew their lease with their landlord, according to a letter the owners posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

The owners, Dave and Erika Krites, said they are not giving up as they look to find a new location.

“We have been diligently working to find a new location to allow us to reopen the restaurant for dining - and even thought we had found the perfect one! Bigger, nicer, newer, outdoor patio, everything we wanted. But as we are all experiencing today, significant premiums in construction and renovation costs, extended lead times on equipment from the global supply chain challenges, record high inflation and gas prices, continually rising food costs, and local labor shortages make justifying the investment needed for immediate relocation nearly impossible,” the letter said.

Dave told that they have two properties in mind, one that they would buy and the other that they would lease, but talks are still in the early stages. He said when they find a new location it will be in the Kettering area.

“We have met and gotten to know so many amazing people who have faithfully and generously supported us over the last three years since we’ve owned the restaurant and through all the pandemic that we will greatly miss seeing in this building again,” Dave said.

The letter said as they look for a new location, they will focus on continuing to grow their catering business and new event center, The Gem by Christopher’s, located at 3425 Valley Street in Riverside.

Dave said they are planning to offer several new buffet-style events open to the public at The Gem including Prime Rib Night, Sunday Brunch and a Chef’s Feature Buffet in the coming weeks.

“To us, the people are all that mattered,” Dave said. “We really appreciated spending every moment with our customers. We’ve had so much fun with them and are so humbled they keep choosing to come here.”

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