Middletown native Andrew Gabbard’s country music detour



Andrew Gabbard is known for the early ‘70s-influenced rock of Buffalo Killers and his pop-rock solo albums. However, the Middletown native took a country music detour with “Cedar City Sweetheart,” released by Colemine/Karma Chief Records on March 24.

“I love country music so much and my mother loves country music,” Gabbard said. “She had been begging me to make a country album for years. It’s really for my mom but I listen to country music all the time. I love those country albums by the Byrds.”

Alive Naturalsound released Gabbard’s solo debut, “Fluff,” in 2015. Several other albums were self-released digitally or in short physical runs but he removed his online music after signing with Colemine in 2020. One of those releases was an early version of “Cedar City Sweetheart,” originally released in April 2019.

Listen to “Yer Time’ll Come” from Andrew Gabbard’s new album, “Cedar City Sweetheart” (Colemine/Karma Chief Records).

Gabbard played all the instruments on his Colemine debut, “Homemade” (2021) but got a little help from some friends on “Cedar City Sweetheart.” He kept the musical tracks from 2019 contributed by M. Ross Perkins (keyboards), Sven Kahns (pedal steel), Ryan Wells (banjo) and Leslie Jankowski (fiddle). For the new vinyl release, Gabbard redid his guitar, bass and drum parts in his Dayton home.

“I was able to re-record the album without having all of my guests redo their parts,” he said. “Because I recorded it to a click track and everybody else recorded their parts professionally, I was able to scour through my Dropbox and find all the isolated steel guitar, fiddle, banjo and keyboards, which really added a lot to the record. I redid the drums, the guitars and the vocals and it sounds a lot better. It’s like a remastered version of the record and it has some new songs too.”

Gabbard has found a home at Colemine, which is run by Terry Cole, another Middletown native. The label released “Gabbard Brothers” in 2022, the debut album from a new project with his brother Zach. While he has other solo material recorded, Gabbard isn’t rushing out product like he was before. He wants to give Cole and his team time to work the record properly and promote it to press and radio.

“I have a few more albums ready to go,” Gabbard said. “I’m always in kind of a rush to do things. I wish I could drop albums all the time but I’m really holding back. I’m just trying to get music out there and let it do its magic but it’s a smart thing to actually promote the releases.”

More info: www.coleminerecords.com.

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