New coffee shop to open in Fairborn near Wright State

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Blue Sky Coffee, a new coffee shop and creative space, is expected to open in December across from Wright State University.

Owner Matthew Stevenson has been in and out of the food and hospitality industry. In 2020, he started working at a coffee shop in Chicago and “fell in love with getting to make people’s mornings.”

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

“I like food as a way to bring people together and connect with people,” Stevenson said. “Coffee seemed like a really nice entry point into doing that on my own.”

Stevenson is a Chicago native who moved to Dayton in 2014 to study music therapy at the University of Dayton. The 27-year-old is excited to open his own business.

Blue Sky Coffee is located at 3070 Presidential Drive in the Wright State University Foundation building. The 900-square-foot space will be a traditional coffee shop with lattes, cappuccinos, pour overs and drip coffees. Baristas will have the freedom to create using a variety of syrups and creams.

Stevenson has partnered with Twisted River as the shop’s main roaster and plans to source beans from other area roasteries.

In addition to being a coffee shop, Blue Sky Coffee will be a creative space honoring Dayton’s rich history of innovation and fostering new ideas moving forward.

“The idea comes from the concept of blue sky ideas, which is kind of like brainstorming with no limit,” Stevenson said. “The space is going to be a place where people can come and be creative.”

The walls, from floor to ceiling, will be covered in chalk or white boards. Guests can collaborate on ideas and write all over them.

Stevenson hopes guests will utilize the creative aspects of the space for art shows or music nights.

For more information, visit or the coffee shop’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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