NEW DETAILS: All The Best Delicatessen coming to Washington Twp.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

What started as an owner’s obsession to create the perfect pastrami sandwich has turned into a brick-and-mortar deli opening soon in Washington Twp.

All The Best Delicatessen is located at 5940 Far Hills Ave., just north of Whipp Road in the former space of the combined Lee’s and Arby’s restaurant.

“It sounds ridiculous, only because it is,” stated the deli’s press release. “One man, obsessed with delis, created a team to visit many of the major delis in the U.S. to determine what the perfect mix of recipes, ingredients and atmosphere is.”

Owner Lee Schear and his team traveled to delis in New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Houston and Los Angeles to create the ultimate deli experience.

All The Best is sourcing smoked fish from Brooklyn, corned beef and pastrami from Detroit, chopped chicken liver “inspired by” Zabar’s in Manhattan, rugelach from Cincinnati and rye bread from Dorothy Lane Market, the release noted.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

“All the Best is so proud of their ‘borrowing’ of the nation’s best deli ingredients that they are providing a source sheet at their deli counter to tell everyone exactly where ingredients are from, stolen, borrowed or inspired by,” the release stated.

Other notable food items include:

  • SY Ginsberg (Detroit): Corned Beef, Soft Pastrami, Brisket, Tongue
  • Vienna Beef (Chicago): Frankfurter, Salami
  • Acme Fish Company (Brooklyn): Smoked fish, Herring
  • Herman’s Pickles (Garettsville, Ohio): Pickles
  • Matzo Project (Brooklyn): Matzo Balls
  • Rachael Bakes (Dayton): Seven-layer Cake, Cheesecakes
  • Davis Bakery (Cleveland): Coconut Bars, Tea Cookies
  • Inspired by 2nd Avenue Deli (New York City): Potato Salad, ColeSlaw, Macaroni Salad, Egg Salad with Mushrooms and Onions, Health Salad

Schear described the new delicatessen in the release as a combination of unusually great food, relentlessly good service and a heavy dose of whimsy.

“Everyone who eats at a deli has preconceived ideas about what the food should taste like, so they are all critics, no matter what we do,” Schear said. “Before they poke fun at us, we decided we would do it ourselves and laugh along with them.”

The deli does not have an opening date to share with the public at this time. For more information about the deli, visit the establishment’s Facebook page.

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