Why Dayton area donut lovers can’t get enough of these shops

Customer service, freshness, consistency and memories are four reasons donut lovers return again and again to their favorite donut shops in the Dayton area.

Earlier this week as the Dayton Donut Festival On Tour entered its last day, Dayton.com asked readers what is their favorite place to get donuts in the Dayton area, why that donut shop is their favorite and what is their favorite type of donut .

Several people mentioned our top three 2022 Best of Dayton winners: Bill’s Donut Shop in Centerville, Jim’s Donut Shop in Vandalia and Stan the Donut Man in Dayton.

Other people noted American Classic Donuts in Dayton, Bear Creek Donuts in Miamisburg, Donut Palace in Trotwood, Hole N One Donuts in Dayton, Purely Sweet Bakery in Beavercreek, Schuler’s Bakery in Springfield, The Donut Haus Bakery in Springboro and several others.

As a donut connoisseur myself and a Xenia native, I would have to say a cake donut with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles from Stan the Donut Man is my favorite. I have so many great memories involving Stan’s from the many times my grandmother and I waited until my mom left for work to go get donuts to the many pictures my dad drew on the donut boxes. Donuts always played such a celebratory role in my life and they still do!

Here is what other people in the Dayton area had to say:

🍩 Tim Pattison of Dayton said his favorite place to go is Bill’s Donuts. He said it is hard to choose just one, but he would have to go with the pretzel glazed donuts.

“Good location. Personal memories. Favorite of my church and members,” Pattison said.

🍩 “Stan the donut man! My sister works in the front too,” Renique’ Hicks said. “I stopped liking donuts until I tried them.”

🍩 Brian Jarvis said it is really hard to decide because he went to all of the donut shops in the Dayton Donut Festival On Tour booklet.

“Started with The Donut Haus Bakery in Springboro (where I purchased the donut booklet on the first day of the tour) and ended with the Glazed Donut Eatery in Xenia (where I went a couple of days ago),” Jarvis said. “We didn’t get a bad donut in the bunch so, I had no favorite.”

🍩 Barbara Watson of Centerville said, “Donut Palace in Trotwood. Best ever. I love their glazed twist. I drive from Centerville to Trotwood to purchase them.”

His favorites are the old fashion/sour cream donuts.

🍩 Caitlyn Spears of Dayton said her favorite is a glazed pretzel from Bill’s Donuts.

“Amazing donuts, friendly staff, open 24 hours. Born and raised in Centerville so birthdays and Fridays in advisory means it’s a Bills Donuts day at school,” Spears said.

🍩 “I drive an hour to get Bill’s. Don’t get them as often as I used to. When I go to the concerts at Stubb’s Park I always stop there,” Rick Moreton said.

🍩 Holly Baxter of Vandalia said she loves the apple fritters and massive birthday donuts from Jim’s Donut Shop.

“Their donuts are phenomenal,” she said.

🍩 Sarah Hierath of Oakwood said she likes the chocolate iced glazed donuts from Stan the Donut Man.

“Great donuts, consistent taste, delicious donut holes, wide selection,” Hierath said.

🍩 Bill Wells of Beavercreek wrote that he likes the lemon filled donuts from Bill’s Donuts. He said he keeps coming back because the donuts are good, the hours are good and they have nice people.

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